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Is it possible to set up an EBICS contract with Qonto?
Is it possible to set up an EBICS contract with Qonto?
Updated over a week ago

Yes, there are two ways to set up an EBICS contract with Qonto:

  1. If you use external resources to manage your accounting (ie: a Chartered Accountant) you can connect to via the Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard (EBICS). The Jedéclare integration will allow your accountant to retrieve Qonto statements directly in their preferred accounting production tool. For more information, visit our Jedéclare FAQ.

  2. If you have internalized your accounting (i. e.: you have a DAF, Finance Manager or in-house Accountant) you can connect Qonto to other accounting and treasury tools via the EBICS T protocol.

    Learn more here.

💡 Feel free to contact us via the chat bubble, telling us the name of the software you'd like to connect to Qonto, so we can find the best solution together.

What is EBICS T vs. EBICS TS?

There are two types of EBICS that you can set up: T and TS.

EBICS T (Transport) allows for the exchange of files between companies and banks without a signature. With this type, the payment originator transfers the payment file through EBICS and validates them through another channel (ie: an in-app notification). This is the EBICS protocol supported by Qonto. To ensure security, we require a user to log into Qonto to approve a payment.

EBICS TS (Transport and Signature) require that you digitally sign a payment order before sending it to a bank. Traditionally, this requires a 3SKey to complete – a physical USB key that is inserted into the approver’s computer to validate the payment request before it is sent to the bank. This EBICS protocol is not supported by Qonto.

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