How to customize my Qonto card name?
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🔍 Gain visibility managing your cards by adjusting their name in-app.

Why should you name your cards?

Naming your cards helps you organize your expenses. For example:

Physical card (One, Plus, X) can be dedicated to job duties: 'Travel card', 'Office expenses'...

Virtual card can be dedicated to a recurring online subscription or marketing channel: 'Google Ads', 'LinkedIn', 'CRM tool'...

Online advertising card is dedicated to marketing channel: 'Google Ads', 'LinkedIn', 'CRM tool'...

Instant card are dedicated to a one-off expense you can name: 'B2B conference', 'offsite dinner', 'Client visit in Lyon'...

How to edit the name?

  1. From the section ‘Business Account’, click on 'Cards' and select the card you'd like to rename

  2. Click on the 🖋️ next to Card Name and adjust the name

  3. Save, it's done!

Fun fact? You can add emojis to your cards' name! 💫

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