How can I approve a card request?
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💡 For Business and Enterprise plan users, employees can request cards to Admins or Managers, who are notified and can approve or reject the request in just a few clicks.

Which cards can be requested?

Employees can request two types of cards:

  • Virtual card: this is ideal for recurring expenses, for example online subscriptions for marketing tools or softwares.

  • Instant card: for one-off expenses, this temporary virtual card is set for a specific budget and duration. The Instant card expires right after the chosen end date.

How to approve a card

Once an employee requests a card, the Admin or Manager is notified by email and mobile notification.

To approve a card request:

  • Go to the Tasks section of your app, in the To Approve tab or directly on the Home section of your app, and click on Task icon.

  • Select the card you’d like to approve

  • Review the card information and select the account it will be linked to

  • Click Approve at the bottom of the screen.

You’ll have to comment on your decision if you choose to reject the card request.

Can I edit a card request?

You can edit the settings of a card only after you’ve approved it: the amount, the days of use or the authorized spending categories, for instance. You can also rename the card, for better management.

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