How does the Qonto x Google Drive integration work?

Import and export receipt from Qonto to Google Drive. Automatically match your supplier invoices to your transactions.

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Qonto offers two different connections with Google Drive. Depending on your needs, you can :

  1. Export your receipts from Qonto to Google Drive

  2. Import your receipts from Google Drive to Qonto

How to set up the integrations ?

From the Qonto web-app, go to the Integrations and Partnerships section and click on the Google Drive integration you wish to set up. Simply click Connect in the top right of the page and follow these steps:

  • Select the Google Drive account you want to use

  • Once logged in, authorize Qonto to sync your data with Google Drive by clicking on Continue

    • For Qonto to Google Drive only:

      • select the date and time from which you would like to begin syncing your receipts; you may select an earlier date or today’s date

      • click the “✓” button

  • Finally, click Finish… and you’re done 🎉

☝️ Good to know : You can connect several Qonto accounts to the same Google Drive account.

1- Qonto →Google Drive

This integration is available for every Qonto client, no matter the plan you have. All account owners, administrators, and accountants can set up this integration with Google Drive.

When you add your receipts to Qonto, they are automatically stored and filed by date on your Google Drive account, so you always have a backup.

  • No more forgetting to export your receipts: your receipts are synced with Google Drive daily

  • Easier access to all your documents: your receipts are automatically imported and filed by date in a specified folder, for all your current accounts

  • Secure file sharing: provide flexible access to specific files and folders, according to your needs

To take full advantage of this integration, make sure your storage capacity in Google Drive is sufficient for exporting your receipts. To verify your storage capacity, read this page.

How to use the folder created in my Google Drive?

A Qonto Connect folder will be created and divided into sub-folders by current account and by time period. You can also access this folder from the “Helpful links” section created on the Google Drive page from you Qonto app.

When are my receipts exported into Google Drive ?

The receipts already associated with your Qonto account will be exported immediately once the integration has been configured; any new receipts uploaded to Qonto will be exported automatically once a day at 11:30 pm. If you open a new current account in Qonto after configuring the integration, a new folder will automatically be created in your storage space.

What happens if I delete a file or folder in my Google Drive account?

If you delete a file, it will be imported back into your Google Drive account automatically. If you delete a folder, however, the receipts it contains will be deleted from your Google Drive account:

  • Any new receipts that you upload to Qonto for the specific period or current account will be exported as usual.

  • To retrieve the files deleted from your Google Drive account, you will need to reconfigure the integration.

2- Google Drive → Qonto

All account owners, administrators, and accountants can set up this integration with Google Drive.

Your supplier's invoices from a dedicated Google Drive file will be matched and attached automatically to your transaction in your Qonto app.

  • Keep an eye on supplier invoices to be paid: View pending invoices in a flash. Prepare for upcoming deadlines and schedule your payments.

  • Let your accountant take it from there: Once paid, your supplier invoices are matched with the right transactions. Everything’s ready for your accountant to review.

To know more about the Supplier’s invoice feature, please read this article.

How to use the folder created in my Google Drive ?

A Qonto Connect-Import folder will be created and divided into four sub-folders:

  • A Dropzone folder into which you can drag and drop new receipts for your expenses.

  • A Processing folder to which receipts are stored, awaiting to be matched to a Qonto transaction.

  • A Matched folder where you will find receipts matched with a Qonto transaction.

  • An Unsupported folder into which files larger than 15MB are placed, as well as files not in a JPEG, PNG, and PDF format.

Every three hours, files in the Dropzone and Processing folders will be synchronized with your Qonto transactions.

Which files can be processed by the integration?

For your supplier invoices to be matched with the right Qonto transactions: place them in the Dropzone folder. Your files must fit the following size and format criteria:

  • The size needs to be less than 15MB.

  • The format needs to be either JPEG, PNG, or PDF.

Only those receipts or invoices corresponding to purchases will be processed. Invoices issued by you will never be paired with a transaction and will remain stored in the processing folder.

☝️ Good to know : It’s not possible to match several supplier invoices to a single transaction using the Google Drive → Qonto integration. If many supplier invoices are uploaded for the same transaction, only one will be matched. Any additional attachments will remain stored in the processing folder.

Several supplier invoices can be included in the same file, as long as the size of the file is below 15MB.

What happens if I delete a file or folder in my Google Drive account?

If you delete a file in one of the folders created by the integration, or one of the folders, the integration won’t be able to work properly. You will need to uninstall and reinstall the integration to keep on using it. To uninstall the integration, simply click Connected in the top right of the Google Drive page in the web application and follow these simple steps:

  • Click on Disconnect Google Drive → Qonto

  • Click again on Disconnect Google Drive → Qonto

☝️ Good to know : This action won’t affect supplier invoices already matched with your Qonto transactions.

How much of my Qonto account data will Google Drive have access to?

We will not share any of your data with Google Drive without your express consent, which you may revoke at any time with a few clicks to stop sharing your data. Without your express consent, we are unable to ensure the proper function of the integration.

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