With the Supplier Invoices section of the Purchases panel, you can:

  1. Automatically match all your receipts and paid invoices with the right transactions in Qonto (Learn more)

  2. Visualize all the due dates of your outstanding invoices at a glance and pay your suppliers in a few clicks, at the best time.

👉 The Supplier Invoices section is available for account holders and admins of Smart and higher plans, and is fully usable from a computer. You can also visualize the invoices from a mobile device, and will soon be able to upload and pay invoices directly from your mobile.

Discover our video or browse the explanations below to find out how to use your Supplier Invoices section.

How can I import my invoices?

Import all your invoices, either paid or unpaid:

Invoices and receipts added manually to transactions from your History will not appear in your Supplier Invoices section.

💡 Good to know: The Supplier Invoices section does not allow you to process your customer invoices.

How do I process my supplier invoices?

  1. Import all your invoices, either paid or outstanding

  2. Receipts and paid invoices are automatically matched to the right transaction in your History, and available in the Paid tab of the section

  3. Visualize all your outstanding invoices in the To review tab, sorted by addition date.

    • For your paid invoices and receipts, click on Mark as paid to manually associate the document with an existing transaction or Continue without transaction if you don't wish to associate it with any.

    • For your outstanding invoices, verify the automatically extracted information and click on Mark as paid to be able to proceed with the payment to your supplier.

  4. Retrieve all your outstanding invoices in the To pay tab, sorted by due date. Make or schedule your transfers in a few clicks: the field of your SEPA transfer form are pre-filled, and you can be redirected to the SWIFT transfer form. A payment due today? Think about instant transfers!

  5. Monitor your payments scheduled from the Supplier Invoices section at any time via the Scheduled payments tab.

  6. Once the transfer has been executed, your invoice can be accessed in the Paid tab and will be automatically attached to the corresponding transaction in your History. You will also be able to download your proof of transfer once it has been executed.

👉 Your Supplier Invoices area does not allow you to make bulk transfers, to pay by card, or to set up your SEPA direct debits.

💡 Good to know: When you initiate a new transfer, you might need to justify the transaction by providing a document to execute it.

How to cancel or reschedule an invoice payment?

In order to cancel a transfer scheduled via your Supplier invoices section:

  1. You first need to verify the status of your transfer to ensure that it has not yet been executed. For more information on the execution date of a transfer, click here.

  2. Go to your Transfers or History section, click on the concerned transfer and then click on Cancel transfer (on the bottom left).

💡 Good to know: If you initiated a transfer from the Supplier invoices section that has been cancelled, declined or returned, the invoice will go back to the To Pay tab.

How to delete an invoice

Access the invoice you wish to delete and simply click on the bin icon 🗑 in the top right hand corner.

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