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What are the different steps of capital increase at Qonto ?
What are the different steps of capital increase at Qonto ?

From filling out your request to the return of funds, here are the various steps ahead and the associated timeframes.

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Qonto guides you step by step in obtaining a funds deposit certificate as part of a capital increase through a cash contribution.

Step 1: Submit your capital increase request

To initiate your capital increase request, start by clicking the button below:

☝️ Before submitting your request, make sure you meet all the required conditions to be eligible for this service.

Step 2: Receive the list of required documents

Once your request is accepted, you will receive an email within minutes containing a complete list of documents required for opening the escrow account.

💡 Tip: Don't forget to check your spam folder in case our email ends up there.

Step 3: Provide the requested documents

Send us all the requested documents in response to our email.

💡 Note: A dedicated advisor will be assigned to you upon receipt of your documents. They will guide you through to the return of funds to your company's Qonto account.

Step 4: Receive the escrow account IBAN

Your advisor will analyze your documents within 6 business hours upon receiving your email. If your file is complete, you will receive the escrow account details along with instructions for fund transfer 🚀.

💡 Good to know: Participants in the capital increase can make their contribution via instant transfer.

Step 5: Track the progress of fund reception

We will inform you of fund arrivals via email or through a tracking file, depending on the number of participants in the increase.

⚠️ Important: We do not have direct visibility on the escrow account, which may result in delays in updating the tracking file.

Step 6: Receive your deposit certificate

The deposit certificate will be sent to you by email within 48 business hours after complete fund reception and, if necessary, the decision minutes for the increase.

Step 7: Provide proof of fund release

Submit proof of capital increase completion: a sworn statement or an observation minutes, depending on the operation's modalities.

💡 For your information: The sworn statement to be completed will be sent to you with the deposit certificate, while the observation minutes will be required for capital increases equal to or exceeding €50,000, involving more than 15 participants, or with subscriptions paid from foreign bank accounts.

Step 8: Receive your funds

Your funds will be released to your Qonto current account within 72 business hours after validation of the requested proof.

Step 9: Complete legal formalities

The capital increase must be registered with "guichet des formalités des entreprises", including the deposit certificate provided by Qonto.

💡 Please note: Qonto's capital increase service does not cover legal procedures, which remain your responsibility.

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