Can I make a cash deposit with Qonto?
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Not directly, but you can use the T-Bonifico service provided by Mooney at a network of 45,000 points of sale all over Italy.

With T-Bonifico, you can make transfers to your Qonto account by depositing cash at enabled points of business without needing to have an account with the merchant.

Here is how you can carry out this action:

  1. Fill out the form to generate the QR code that you can find by clicking here;

  2. Go to an enabled point of sale carrying QR code, ID and health card;

  3. Show the QR code and complete the transaction at the point of sale! ✅

Commissions and limits

The commission varies depending on the payment method used and the IBAN to which you want to send the transfer. Specifically, the fees are:

  • 4.00€ for an ordinary transfer paid by cash or debit or credit card and sent to any IBAN;

  • 5.50€ for an instant transfer paid in cash or by debit or credit card and sent to any IBAN that supports this type of transfer.

    We suggest, however, that you always consult the Information sheet to find out about any current promotions.

  • Maximum amount per single transaction of €999.99

  • Maximum cumulative daily amount of €999.99

  • Maximum cumulative monthly amount of €2,999.99

How to get your T-Bonifico refund

If you need immediate assistance, you can call Mooney customer service toll-free at 800.005.005 operating Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., excluding Sundays and holidays (from abroad +39 02 30458205).

If you need assistance or have questions that were not answered in the frequently asked questions section, you can find all the ways to contact Mooney here.

You will be contacted by a Mooney operator who will send you a form to state your complaint.

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