An instant transfer is a transfer that takes place in a few seconds, unlike a standard transfer that can take up to 3 business days to be received.

And most importantly, this type of transfer works every day, at any time, even on holidays.

For your transfer to be instant, it has to meet two main conditions. It must take place within the SEPA zone (which differs from the Europe zone), and not exceed 15,000 euros.

If you send cash to a supplier on a Saturday, for example, this supplier sees the cash on his account within seconds.

At Qonto, sending and receiving instant transfers is free of charge, up to the number of free transfers included in your plan.

How does it work?

Sending instant transfers is available for all plans. Owners, Admins and Managers with transfer permissions enabled can send instant transfers.

The initiation process remains the same as for a standard transfer, on your computer or mobile.

  • If your beneficiary can receive instant transfers and the amount is below 15,000 euros, a validation window appears when you validate your transfer. The instant transfer option will be pre-selected by default. If you want to send it as a standard transfer, you just have to deactivate this option.

  • If the transfer is not eligible, you should be able to send it as a standard transfer.

Before validating, make sure you check your transfer information one last time. The transfer is irreversible.

Once sent, a window will indicate that the transfer has been received by your beneficiary a few seconds later.

☝ Good to know: In certain cases such as the availability of funds in your account, sending the transfer "instantly" will not be possible. A message will indicate the reason for this just after the sending attempt. Depending on the situation, you will sometimes be offered to send it as a standard transfer.

👆 Good to know: Sending instant transfers does not affect scheduled transfers, transfer requests or bulk transfers.

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