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You want to register and deposit your capital? Qonto offers you an integrated solution with Legalstart.
You want to register and deposit your capital? Qonto offers you an integrated solution with Legalstart.
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You’ve initiated the creation of your company on Legalstart, but you need a deposit certificate of capital to finalize the creation of your company: Legalstart offers you to obtain this document through Qonto.


You’ll need to meet the following requirements:

✅ The legal form of your company is accepted by Qonto (SAS, SASU, SARL, EURL, SELARL, SNC or SCI).

✅ You meet our eligibility requirements.

Legalstart offers you to file your share capital on Qonto. Click on the Go to Qonto button (bottom right) :

You’ll be redirected to the Qonto homepage, then click on Start:


1️⃣ For information, by choosing to continue the adventure with Qonto, Legalstart will send us the information necessary for your registration:

  • your email address

  • the company legal name

  • the company legal form

  • the company address

  • your nationality

  • your birth address, city and zip code

  • the capital amount of your company

  • your residence address

  • your phone number

  • your gender

  • For physical shareholders: first name, last name, email, date of birth, residence address country, birth address country

  • For legal shareholders: ultimate beneficiary city of birth, nationality, company name, registration number, share contribution amount, first name of legal representative, last name of legal representative, email address of legal representative.


⚠️ The registration on Qonto must be done by the main shareholder of the company. If the registration is started by another person, the main shareholder will receive an email inviting him/her to start the registration.

This redirection to the Qonto website will save you time. As we collect the email address you filled out on Legalstart.

💡 If you already have a Qonto account, you'll just need to log in to start your registration.

Your email address is pre-filled directly on our site:

You can then follow the steps of the capital deposit:

1) The creation of your Qonto account

2) Receive your deposit certificate within 12 business hours (Mon-Fri, 9am-6pm)

3) Sending your certificate to Legalstart to register your company

4) Activate your Qonto account


Once your deposit certificate is available on your Qonto account, we will send it automatically to Legalstart.

Legalstart will then register your company, and you can come back to us once you have obtained your proof of registration (synthèse INPI définitive, extrait Kbis or extrait INPI).


After the validation of your registration on the Guichet unique, you will have to import your proof of registration (final INPI summary, Kbis extract or INPI extract) directly on your Qonto interface.

☝️ Carry out this operation from a computer, using the Google Chrome browser.

Once your RCS number has been recognized by the legal databases, your account will be validated and activated!

💡 Do not forget to download your final IBAN and share it.

Once the request to release your share capital has been received by the notary, the funds will be credited to your Qonto account within 72 business hours. 🎉

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