Today, Qonto is the European leader for Finance Management for SME and freelancers that allows you to proceed to the capital deposit of your company online.

As we are always as transparent as possible, in comparison to the traditional players, you will find below the steps and to verifications necessary to do your capital deposit with Qonto.

You will get two versions of your certificate (digital copy and original paper) in order to facilitate your registration at the Registre du Commerce et des Sociétés (RCS).

These are the steps you will follow :

Step 1 : Your registration

You begin your capital deposit by filling up the online form here. We will need the following documents :

  • Your articles of incorporation or bylaws (including the following modifications)

  • Your proof of identity in compliance with our rules of eligibility

  • A proof of address for your incorporating company, less than 3 months old

Choose the pricing adapted to your situation, including the fees linked to the capital deposit and your Qonto subscription (see the pricing here).

👩‍✈️ Your bylaws include several associates ? We need their supporting documents to validate your application and go to step 2.

☝️ Make sure that you fit all the eligibility criteria before starting your registration for the capital deposit. This will allow you to finalize your register lightning fast ⚡️.

Step 2 : Verification of your application

A soon as we receive your complete file, your application will be checked by our dedicated team within 24 open hours.

Once your application is accepted, you will proceed to the next step.

Step 3 : Transfer of your capital

At this step, we get into the heart of the matter !

Your application is validated, and you will obtain an IBAN sent to you by email. Now, each associate need to do a bank transfer of his share from his/her personal bank account (owned by himself as an individual) and as mentioned in the bylaws uploaded during step 1.

👩‍✈️ Make sure that the transfer is not done from :

  • A personal account not belonging to the associate (not under his name)

  • A professional account

  • A payment service (Wise, Western Union...)

☝️ The bank transfer can be done from a joint account.

Step 4 : Control of the funds origins

We will receive the transfer under 24h to 48h open hours (depending on the bank transfer delays). Qonto will then check the origins of the funds, and we will let you proceed to step 5.

☝️ Make sure that all the associates do the transfer at a similar date. This will prevent you from delays, waiting for all the funds.

Step 5 : Your deposit request

The funds' origin has been checked and validated !

We will send you and deposit request under 24 open hours and will await your online signature.

Step 6 : Signature of your capital deposit certificate

As soon as the deposit request is signed, we will transfer the funds to the notary. He will then sign your deposit certificate once he will receive the funds (within 72 business hours).

Step 7 : Your deposit certificate

Your certificate is ready !

Two versions are available :

1 - The digital deposit certificate : sent by email by the notary as soon as your funds will be received by him. You can register your company online with this document on Infogreffe website.

2 - The original deposit certificate : sent by postal service by the notary within 7 open days after he receives your capital deposit.

Step 8 : Your company registration

Your deposit certificate in your possession, you can now send this document to the Greffe du Tribunal de Commerce in order to obtain your Kbis !

☝️ The easiest solution is to start your registration online on Infogreffe.

⚠️ Be careful ! Before your company registration, during the documents' preparation, you might need to update the date on your bylaws.

The date on your bylaws need to be posterior to the date on your certificate. Otherwise, the Greffe might refuse your application.

Example : For a certificate signed on the 20th of April 2021, the bylaws need to be signed on the 21st of April 2021 no sooner.

Step 9 : Your Kbis

In order to finish your capital deposit process, we need your Kbis. Please upload it on your Qonto account.

☝️ This operation needs to be done from a computer and on Google Chrome.

👩‍✈️ Make sure that you receive your final Kbis : the document needs to mention the SIREN number of your company. It is the proof that your company is now registered at the RCS.

Step 10 : Validation of your Qonto account

Once the RCS number is recognized in the legal bases, your account will be validated and activated.

☝️ You can now download your definitive IBAN and share it with your partners.

Step 11 : Your capital restitution

When the restitution request will be received by the notary, the funds will be credited on your Qonto account within 5 to 7 open days.

Step 12 : Your Qonto card

Discover the features of your account and order your credit card right away.

The adventure can now begin 🚀

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