How to track e-invoices?
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🇮🇹 This article is for Italian Qonto account holders.

From your Qonto web app, you can easily keep track of the status of e-invoices that you’ve issued. There are two types of status that you can monitor: approval status of your e-invoice on the Sistema di Interscambio (SdI) and payment status.

👆 Good to know: some users can also view e-invoices and their status from the App. 📱

  1. Tracking approval status

    From the Invoicing section, click on any e-invoice. On the side panel, you’ll be able to see what is its status with regard to the SdI:

    1. Processing: Qonto is processing your e-invoice and will transmit it to the SdI shortly (you can check on its status later from the E-invoicing section later.

    2. Submitted: Your e-invoice was correctly transmitted to the SdI and is awaiting approval.

    3. Not submitted: Your e-invoice failed to be submitted to the SdI. If this happens, it’ll automatically appear as Cancelled and you will be able to issue it again.

    4. Approved: Your e-invoice was approved by the SdI and the SdI has delivered it to your client.

    5. Not delivered: Your e-invoice was approved by the SdI*,* but delivery to your end client failed; this can happen if, for example, you entered your client’s Codice Destinatario erroneously. In this case, you can resend a copy to your client by email or link. Just click on Send invoice at the bottom of the screen (click here for more information on how to send invoices) - your client can also retrieve it directly from the Agenzia delle Entrate.

    6. Declined: This means that your e-invoice was rejected by the SdI. If this happens, it’ll automatically be marked as Cancelled and you’ll be able to issue it again. While this could be due to a variety of reasons, we recommend that you verify that all fields, including your client’s fiscal code and VAT number, are correct.

    💡If your e-invoice is Not submitted, Not delivered, or Declined, we’ll notify you by in-app message and/or email.

  2. Tracking payment status

    You can track the status of your invoices manually or automatically:

    • Manual tracking: You can manually mark e-invoices as Paid by clicking on it and then, on the button Mark as paid at the bottom of the side panel.

    • Automatic tracking: Qonto can detect when an e-invoice has been paid when your client’s incoming bank transfer is identified with the e-invoice’s reference number. The reference number can easily be found on the invoice itself - just share it with your client by email or link (click here to learn how) once it’s been approved by the SdI.

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