If your association is a territorial branch (local, provincial, regional), you will need to provide us with the following documentation in order to proceed with your registration with Qonto:

  • Bylaw of Association of the branch for which you are registering;


  • Visura camerale not older than three months;


  • Extract of the Runts;


  • Certificate of allocation of the fiscal code.

In the event that your association does not have its own bylaw, but adopts those of the head office, we ask you to provide:

  • The statutes of the head office in which it is mentioned that the territorial branch adopt the statutes of the head office


If it is not mentioned in the general bylaws that the territorial branch association adopts the bylaws of the head office, you may provide us with the minutes of incorporation of the territorial association in which it agrees to adopt the bylaws of the head office.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

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