How to create and share draft invoices
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When you create an invoice on Qonto, you can easily save it as a draft for later use. Drafts can be shared with clients in the form of a pro forma invoice so they have all the details before the final version is issued.

The invoicing tool is available starting from the Smart plan (learn how to upgrade your plan here) and for the Owner and Admin roles. The Basic plan allows you to create up to two invoices for free to explore the functionality.

☝️Normally, the invoicing tool is available starting from the Smart plan and the Basic plan only allows you to create up to two invoices for free to explore the functionality. But, due to a special offer from 15/05/24 until the end of 2024, users on Basic plan will also have unlimited access to the invoicing tool.

How to create and save a draft

💻 From a computer, log in to your Qonto account and go to the Invoices tab.

Click on Create an invoice and start filling in the information. Once you are ready, click on Save as a draft. To perform this action, you need to:

  • Select an existing client or add a new one

  • Enter an invoice number (only if manual numbering is enabled)

  • Enter an issue date and due date

  • Add the title and the invoice amount

📱 From the Qonto mobile app, go to Menu > Client invoices. Next, select the plus sign at the top right, and choose an existing client or add a new one. You only need to fill in the details (including the same mandatory fields as on the web app) and select Save as a draft.

How to manage your drafts

Your saved drafts can be found in the Drafts section of the Invoices tab. If you wish to continue working on one of them, select it, then click Edit the draft. You can also permanently delete it by selecting Delete the draft.

Once your draft is ready, you can convert it into an invoice!

Select it from the list and ensure that all the mandatory fields are correctly filled. At the bottom of the screen, select Create an invoice (or through the mobile app: Finalize the draft > Create the invoice) and confirm that your invoice is ready to be issued.

You can then send it to your client via email or by sharing the link with them.

☝️ Good to know:

  • If automatic invoice numbering is configured, your draft automatically takes the next available number as soon as it's converted into an invoice. Remember to delete or archive your draft if you don't intend to convert it into an invoice to ensure the continuity of accounting numbering!

  • With manual numbering, you must confirm that your draft has a valid and sequential number before converting it. Click here to enable automatic invoice numbering.

How to share a draft

You can also send a draft invoice to your client. This provisional version, also known as a pro forma invoice, can be useful if you want to share a proposal or confirm specific details before issuing the final invoice. It's not mandatory, doesn't require any action from your client, and has no accounting impact.

💻 To do this, click Send the draft at the bottom of the computer screen, then enter your client's email address, customize your message, and click Send the email. If you prefer to share it via another channel, click the Copy the document link button and copy the link to your clipboard.

📲 From the mobile app, select the three small dots (at the top right), then Send the draft. Then, choose the channel through which you want to send it and customize your message.

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