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What's the Nexi solution dedicated to Qonto?
What's the Nexi solution dedicated to Qonto?
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☝️ The Nexi solution is only available for our Italian customers.

Qonto has chosen Nexi, the Italian leader in the sector, to allow you to have a flexible POS, which offers multiple services and customised integrations based on the needs of local businesses.

Nexi readers are very easy to use, even for the less experienced.

The Nexi offer for Qonto customers includes 3 terminals, whose solution is customised and adapted to the needs of each individual business:

  • SmartPOS mini with printer (ZERO activation and installation costs)

  • SmartPOS mini without printer with no extra fee charged (One-time charge activation fee of 149,00€)

  • Portable Mobile POS portatile with no extra fee charged (One-time charge activation fee of 59,00€)

  • Soft POS with no extra fee charged (One-time charge activation fee of 39,00€)

Are you happy with the above offer? Order your POS at the dedicated page.

Nexi Business App
Nexi not only provides a terminal, but also an App on mobile, called Nexi Business App, through which you will have access to additional integrated services and detailed dashboards to manage and monitor your payments 😉

For instance, you will be able to:

  • Design and customise the catalog of your online products by optimising your sales experience

  • Send digital receipts to your customers via SMS or email

  • Cash out even remotely thanks to Pay-By-Link

  • Create and manage accounts for your employees by monitoring their performance

  • Follow the evolution of your sales and compare them to market benchmarks

  • Accept tips, make cancellations and collect customer opinions!

How do Nexi card readers work?

Using Nexi to receive payments does not require any complex deployment or procedure, on the contrary, it only takes a few simple steps:

  • Visit the dedicated page and order the POS that best meets your needs

  • Register on the Nexi website

  • Receive confirmation of approval along with credentials to activate the App directly on the email used during registration

  • If you have chosen a terminal that requires the installation of a technician, make an appointment to finalise the activation

  • That's it, your mobile POS is perfectly set up! ✅ To receive your payments, your customer only has to place the card on the reader or, alternatively, use Google Pay or Apple Pay via mobile phone with the NFC function activated

  • Share the receipt with the customer, even in digital format via email or text message

    In case you were facing difficulties in the configuration, we recommend to contact directly Nexi assistance available 24/7h.

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