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Can I link a card reader (POS) to my Qonto account?
Can I link a card reader (POS) to my Qonto account?
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☝️ Please note: the Nexi offer is only available for our Italian customers.

We realised clients needed to have an intelligent and practical card reader to be connected to the account, in order to accept card payments quickly and easily.

Our partnership with Nexi, a leading company in the digital payments sector, was born from such premise. Nexi offers a variety of solutions thanks to its in-depth knowledge of local businesses and professionals' needs. 🤩

Thanks to our collaboration you can access different types of terminals equipped with Bluetooth, mobile data or Wi-Fi connection.

In addition, Nexi POS allows you to:

  • Accept all cards, including PagoBANCOMAT® even in Contactless mode and meal vouchers from major issuers

  • Receive credit within the next business day directly to your bank account

  • Collect anywhere, thanks to Pay-by-Link

  • In short, a complete, flexible POS, with no hidden costs and completely safe, 100% in line with the Qonto philosophy! 💜

How much are the card readers proposed by Nexi?

Nexi has reserved some special offers and conditions for Qonto customers.

If you wish to know more, you can visit the dedicated page clicking here.

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