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What is pagoPA?
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PagoPA is a platform to make all payments to the PA (Public Administration) simpler, safer and more transparent. pagoPA is compulsorily adopted by all Public Administrations and a growing number of Banks and payment institutions (Payment Service Providers - PSP). pagoPA is envisaged in the implementation of Article 5 of the CAD (Digital Administration Code) and by Legislative Decree 179/2012.

pagoPA was born for three reasons:

  • push electronic payments in the country, PA payments are relevant in terms of the number of transactions and amount.

  • Let the citizen have freedom of choice when it comes to payments and strengthen cost transparency

  • to reduce the acquiring costs for the PA.

What can I pay with pagoPA?

PagoPA allows you to pay taxes, fees, utilities, fees, membership fees, stamps and any other type of payment to central and local Public Administrations, but also to other subjects, such as publicly owned companies, schools, universities, ASL.

What are the advantages of pagoPA for my business?

The main advantage of using the pagoPA system is to rely on a single, simple, fast and transparent payment system (certainty of commission costs, clarity of amounts, etc.), to make any type of payment to the Public Administration. In particular:

  • transparency of commission costs

  • certainty of the debt owed, with the possibility of obtaining the discounting of the amount (i.e. the amount to be paid is always the valid one required by the PA. If the amount varies over time due to default interest or other, it is always updated on pagoPA )

  • simplicity and speed of the process: just enter the warning code (IUV Identificativo Unico Versamento) to pay and receive the release receipt or the certainty that the PA has collected the tax and there will be no subsequent verifications or investigations.

What is the security level of payments made on pagoPA?

The level of security is guaranteed by adherence to the security regulations established by the Payment Card Industry (PCI) and adherence to the requirements on Strong Authentication provided for by PSD2. All payment institutions (Paid Service Providers) participating in the pagoPA system must comply with the security and fraud prevention requirements imposed by the PSD and PSD2.

Why can I no longer find the MAV / RAV bulletin in the payment notification?

By joining pagoPA, the Creditor cannot use MAVs or RAVs.

Can I also collect credits from the public administration with pagoPA?

No, the pagoPA system only allows payments to the Public Administration.

For more information about how to use pagoPA on Qonto, you can visit our dedicated article: How does pagoPA work on Qonto?

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