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Why should I sign in with Google/ Apple?

"Signing in with Google / Apple" removes the hassle of remembering passwords and makes it easy to sign in to your Qonto account. It is also more secure than using a password. Read more on the Security standards offered by Google and Apple here.

What are the Sign in options available?

The following methods are available to access your Qonto account:

  1. Email and password

  2. Sign in with Google

  3. Sign in with Apple

We highly recommend using "Sign in with Google" or "Sign in with Apple" while opening an account or accessing an existing one. While "Sign in with Google" is available on all platforms, "Sign in with Apple" is available only on iOS 13 or later.

If, while opening a Qonto account, you signed up with Apple using the "Hide My Email" feature, you’ll need to use it also to sign in (with the same forwarding email address provided by Apple).

Note: In the future, if you want to revoke access to your Apple email, please remember to change your email address first associated with your Qonto account.

Where can I sign in with Google / Apple?

This feature is available both for:

  1. Account Creation

2. Logging in to your Qonto app

I created my account before the Google and Apple Sign in options were available. Can I still sign in with Google / Apple?

You can sign in using any of the authentication methods as long as you use the same email ID associated with your Qonto account.

E.g.: If you used [email protected] to sign up and set up a password, you can continue to sign in with Google with [email protected]. Similarly, if you use [email protected] where you use Gsuite for your professional account, you can use "Sign in with Google".

I set up my account by signing in with Google / Apple. I want to set up a password now, how can I do that?

You can set up a password by clicking on "Forgot Password" in the Login screen. You will receive an email to reset your password, follow the instructions in the email to set a new password for your Qonto account.

I set up a password but I am still not able to sign in, what do I do?

Please ensure that you are using the password that you set up for your Qonto account and not the password that you use to sign in to your Google / Apple account.

If this still does not work, please reset your password by clicking on the "Forgot Password link".

Is "Sign in with Google / Apple" feature also available on mobile app?

Yes, "Sign in with Google" is available on all devices.

Please note that "Sign in with Apple" is only available on iOS 13 or later.

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