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What transfers can the Manager role make, approve or edit and how to set them?
What transfers can the Manager role make, approve or edit and how to set them?
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The Manager role is only available on the Business and Enterprise plans.

Managers can make transfers and review transfer requests autonomously, as long as:

  • the amount does not exceed their transfer limit

  • the cumulated amounts of this transfer and the ones already committed for the month remain below their monthly limit

Transfer limits are set by the Account Holder or Admins.

Within these limits, Managers can:

  • make or approve non-recurring External standard transfers (SEPA), external International transfers (SWIFT) and bulk transfers

  • edit transfers initiated or approved by themselves

  • pay and approve supplier invoices payments

Managers cannot:

  • make or approve recurring External standard transfers (SEPA), regardless of their limits

  • edit transfers initiated or approved by other members, regardless of their limits

  • make or approve transfers above their limits

Transfers that Managers can't make or approve will become transfer requests needing Admin approval, except for SWIFT international transfers. Managers can’t make requests for larger international transfers.

How to set and edit transfer limits for the Manager role?

Limits can be edited at all times from the web app. Two limits can be set:

  • a monthly transfer limit

  • a per-transfer limit

For a new Manager:

When inviting a new Manager, Admins or Account Holders can directly enable the "Make transfers or review transfer requests" permission. Once this permission is activated, they can establish the limits.

💡 If the “None” option is selected, Managers will have no limits.

For an existing Manager:

  1. Go to Team expenses > Members

  2. Select the Manager

  3. Activate “Make transfers or review transfer requests” permission (if not already done)

  4. Set or edit the limits

💡 Managers receive email and push notifications for permission updates.

In the Members section, the Managers themselves will be able to see:

  • their monthly limit and a progress bar showing how they are doing compared to this limit

  • their per-transfer limit

When Admins or Account Holders have not set the limits yet or have chosen not to, limits will not be displayed.

What happens if Managers reach their transfers limits?

All transfers that can not be made or approved by a Manager will be turned into transfer requests and require Admin approval, except for SWIFT international transfers.

For supplier invoices, if the limit is reached, the Manager will be able to create a transfer request directly in the Supplier Invoice section.

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