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What is the Financing section on Qonto and how does it work?
What is the Financing section on Qonto and how does it work?
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Financing will also only be discoverable for Owner and Admin roles. Financing is desktop only.

With Qonto’s Financing partners, discover and get access to financing offers that power up your business. Financing is a new section on your Qonto app (available from web only). It is a marketplace in which Qonto hand-picked partners to best fit your borrowing needs. Learn more about the different types of financing here.

What is the purpose of the Financing section?

The Financing section is a bridge between our customers and financing partners. This tab in the navigation bar will only be discoverable for accounts with Owner and Admin permissions.

👉 If you have questions about eligibility, your application status, etc, we recommend you directly contact partners. You can find customer support links and resources in partner pages on your Qonto account within the Financing section, as shown below.

⚠️ Qonto does not recommend any particular offers. Customers must choose according to their borrowing needs. Qonto is not granting the loan, has no liability for losses suffered by the customer after taking out the loan, nor do we play a role in the underwriting or credit assessment processes of the financing partners.

Is my organization eligible?

Eligibility varies from one partner to another: Criteria can include length of time with Qonto, location, revenue, commercial history, and more. Check out specific criteria within the Financing section to determine which partner best supports your needs.

To understand if you are eligible for a specific offer, navigate to the Financing section and check out a partner’s resource section on their detailed page, as shown below:

Receiving financing is not guaranteed; however, Qonto’s financing partners have generally better eligibility than traditional banks. (link to section How did Qonto choose its partners ?)

How do I apply for a financing offering?

Qonto is not part of the application decision-making process. However, the application steps overall include:

⚠️ The amount of time it takes for you to receive your funds varies based on the financing partner organization. Applications to any offer will only be possible once an account and profile are validated by Qonto. To understand more about this validation and regulatory check, read more.

Why should I apply through Qonto - and not directly on the partner website?

Apply to financing partners through Qonto in order to:

🤖 Have a seamless application experience. Less manual typing! Applying through Qonto reduces tedious work. Our integration automatically pre-fills some of the information into your application.

🦘Skip application steps. Thanks to our integration, partners have agreed to remove duplicate data entry as part of their application process. Finish your financing application quickly, so you can get back to your business.

⛓️ Receive financing funds directly on Qonto. When you go through the Financing section, we automatically import your IBAN to your partner application. You can select which account you want to send your new cash to, but sending it to Qonto is a breeze!

This automation is only possible if you apply through the Financing section on your Qonto application.

💡 Can’t find a partner for your financing needs? Take 2 minutes to tell us more about your needs with this form. We will continue to add more partners and welcome suggestions!

What information is shared with partners?

Our partners need access to your Qonto data, which means that you authorise them to consult:

  • Your contact details
    Your business details linked to your Qonto account. For more information, click here.

  • Your bank account and company details

    The list and details of bank accounts on Qonto and company information. For more information, click here.

  • Your transaction data

    All incoming and outgoing transactions of a bank account linked to Qonto. For more information, click here.

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