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What is the Purchase protection insurance on the Plus and the X card?
What is the Purchase protection insurance on the Plus and the X card?
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What is the purchase protection coverage?

Purchase protection offers you protection against theft and accidental damages for all products paid in full with your Qonto Plus or X card. It covers a wide range of goods including laptops and electronics.

What is the excess for purchase protection?

There is no excess but the minimum value of the purchase must be over €50. The maximum benefit amount a cardholder can claim is €1250 per claim, and €2500 per year and per cardholder.

Is my smartphone covered?

Smartphones are covered against theft or damage, as long as you are an X cardholder and you have bought the smartphone in full with the card.

Which items are not covered?

The following does not fall within the definition of “Covered object”:

- Animals, plants, food or beverages;

- New or used motor vehicles;

- Cash, traveller’s cheques, bonds, securities, shares, or any marketable securities or instruments;

- Transport tickets;

- Entrance tickets for any type of sporting or cultural event, concerts,

- Jewellery or precious stones, artwork, gold or silver products;

- Goods purchased for resale;

- Weapons and counterfeit objects.

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