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Which are the general requirements for a capital deposit at Qonto?
Which are the general requirements for a capital deposit at Qonto?
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In order to support company founders in Germany in the best possible way, Qonto allows you to open a business account to deposit the share capital. In order to start registering your company in formation on Qonto, you first only need the signed and stamped notarial formation documents or the certificate of formation.

The capital contribution is currently offered for the following legal forms:

(g)GmbH i. Gr. | (non-profit) Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung in Gründung (limited liability company)

(g)UG i. Gr. | (non-profit) entrepreneurial company in formation

To enable the capital contribution, the following basic conditions must be met:

  • The account holder is in possession of a valid European proof of identity/passport (or a work permit for Germany). [What proof of identity does Qonto accept for your registration?]

  • The activity/activity of the prospective company is accepted by Qonto, i.e. is not listed in the list of activities prohibited on Qonto. [Which activities are prohibited on Qonto?]

  • The respective share of the capital contribution must be transferred from an account held in the name of the respective shareholder.

  • The amount of the capital contribution must be fixed and the shares must be transferred by the respective shareholders exactly as provided by the constitutional documents.

  • The payment of each shareholder's share of the capital must be made in full and immediately (unfortunately, partial payments are not possible).

  • The contribution of each shareholder must be at least 1€ per shareholder. Non-monetary contributions (e.g. real estate, motor vehicles, etc.) are not accepted.

  • All shareholders mentioned in the incorporation documents must be indicated during registration and will consequently be invited to the account for verification purposes.

⚠️ Important: For each shareholder, a double-sided colour copy of their proof of identity must be uploaded during registration.

⚠️ Important: Before the official activation and before the full range of functions becomes available, your account can only be used for the deposit of the share capital. All other incoming payments will be automatically returned to the sender during this time.

In addition to the above conditions, further conditions may be required if at least one of the shareholders involved in the formation of the company belongs to one of the following groups of persons:

If one of the above situations applies in your case, we recommend that you read the respective linked help article. If more than one of the above situations applies and you are still unsure whether it is possible to form a company via Qonto in your individual case, we recommend that you first read the following article:

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