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How to register your business with the Guichet Unique?

The registration of your business online

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Once you have obtained your certificate of deposit through Qonto, you can begin your registration on the Guichet unique website.

Step 1: Your registration

The first step is to create your account on the portal.

After creating your login and password, simply log in and click on "Deposer une formalité d’entreprise".

Then you access your dashboard with different options for filing business formalities.

Simply select the one that suits your needs. To register your company, you must press the button on the left "Créer une entreprise":

Step 2: Information about your future business

Once you have chosen the section that applies to you, you will be redirected to an application form to be completed online.

You must then choose the form under which your activity will be carried out:

  • individual entrepreneur (natural person) ;

  • legal entity (companies, groups or associations);

  • joint operation (several individuals or legal entities are associated).

Depending on your choice, you will be asked questions (about the legal form of your company, about your activity, etc.). The answers will determine to which competent authority your file will be sent.

Once this step is completed, you begin the registration process by following the steps below:

  • Identity of the business: you are asked to complete the company name, the corporate purpose and the address of your company;

  • Legal publications: this is where you should fill in the information about your company's legal notice

  • Composition: you must provide the complete list of the company's shareholders (legal person(s) and/or physical person(s) if necessary);

  • Establishments: you must provide the details of your company's address (trade name, sign, number of employees, etc.);

  • Ultimate beneficiaries: you will to explain the identity of the true owners of the company

  • Tax options: you are asked to indicate the information concerning the company's profit tax system, as well as the VAT system. Make sure you fill in all the required fields and provide all the documents requested.

Step 3: Supporting documents to be provided

In the Attachments section, you must submit :

  • the identity documents of each partner ;

  • the power of attorney given to the proxy (if the registration is made by a third party);

  • the proof of address of your company;

  • the deposit certificate (with Qonto, you can deposit your capital in a single transfer and receive your certificate of deposit in digital form within 12 business hours);

  • a copy of your bylaws;

  • and any other documents needed for your registration (e.g., the report of the contribution auditor).

👉 In case of a contribution in kind, you will be asked to bring the documentation related to the valuation. For more information on contributions in kind, follow this link.

Finally, the Summary section allows you to check your file one last time before submitting it for registration.

☝️ Your file must be imperatively complete to avoid rejection.

📌 Just after you submitted the request to Guichet Unique, you will obtain a synthesis of deposit. This document is just a recap of the case and not a proof of incorporation. Read about it: Which proof of incorporation are accepted by Qonto?

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