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Which document do I need to provide to make an international Swift transfer?
Which document do I need to provide to make an international Swift transfer?
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When you create a new transfer, you need to justify the transaction by uploading a document.

This is necessary for all international transfers because these transfers are exposed to a higher level of risk and we need to verify them.

Before setting up a new transfer, it’s a good idea to have your document already at hand (e.g. as PDF, PNG or JPEG).

Which kinds of documents can justify a transfer?

Generally, we accept two types of documents:

  • Invoices

  • Contracts

Depending on your transfer purpose, the provided document may differ. Typical documents that we accept are supplier invoices, signed sales agreements, payslips, proof of payments or rental contracts.

How do I know my document is valid?

  • The invoice is issued to your company, and your company is the recipient of the services/ goods

  • On contracts, your company's name and legal information are shown (full official names, country of registration, registration number is a plus)

  • The recipients’s name and bank account details in the document match the beneficiary details in Qonto

  • The positions of the invoice indicate a clear value/purpose

  • The invoice must be dated within 3 months

  • The contract is signed by both parties

⚠️ We cannot accept handwritten invoices or blurry pictures.

⚠️⚠️ If the provided document is invalid, the transfer will be rejected and the money will be returned to your account which may take 3-5 days.

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