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A virtual card is a 100% online payment card. The virtual card looks identical to your physical card, with its own virtual card number on the front and security code on the back.

Virtual cards offer flexibility. They can be linked to a specific account and you can customize their use

I am an admin or a manager, how do I create a virtual card ?

From the section ‘Business Account’, click on 'Cards' and select the virtual Card. You'll then have to select :

  • An account associated with the card

  • A cardholder : you or someone already on your team

  • A budget : between €5 and €20,000. You'll be able to adapt the budget later

  • Days of usage and spend categories according to your needs

Once you confirm the order, the card can be used immediately and is available in the cards section of the card holder.

I am an employee, how can I get a virtual card ?

  • From the section ‘Business Account’, click on 'Cards'

  • Click on Request a card

  • Select Virtual card

  • Add the context of your request in the notes field

  • Click on Submit Application

And that's it ! The admin or manager will then validate your request. A mobile or email notification will alert you when your request has been processed.

***You can now request a virtual card directly from the web or mobile application.

How do I use a Virtual card ?

  • Pay online by getting the card information from the card section of your app

  • Pay in store by adding the card on Apple Pay or Google Pay.

What can I do with my virtual card ?

With a virtual card you can basically do anything you would do with a physical card.

  • In-store purchases are possible with your smartphone

  • It simplifies the tracking of your purchases due to their budgeting and spending specifications

  • It's particularly adapted for your subscription management

    • For example, if your company has a focus on paid search marketing (Google ads, Facebook ads, Bing ads, etc) you can organize these online spending by giving your team virtual cards. This way they can set up subscriptions, buy new softwares without the need of a physical card.

**It is not possible to withdraw cash with a virtual card

☝️ Good to know : remember to add your payment receipt. You can take a picture of the receipt from your application or forward a receipt by email.

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