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How does pagoPA work on the Qonto mobile app?
How does pagoPA work on the Qonto mobile app?
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PagoPA is a platform that allows you to make any type of payment to Central and Local Public Administrations (PA): taxes, fees, utilities, memberships, stamps and any other type of payment.

For more information you can visit our dedicated article: What is pagoPA?

Thanks to the direct integration with the pagoPA platform, you can pay your payment notices directly from the Qonto app, from your desktop or mobile.

Where do I find the pagoPA section on the mobile app?

You can find the pagoPA section by clicking the More button at the bottom right of the main screen of the Qonto app.

How can I make a payment from the mobile app?

You can make the payment in 2 ways:

  • Scan the QR code you find on the payment notice

  • Enter manually the unique code and tax code of the creditor entity. You can find this information on the payment notice

At this point, you must select the current account to charge the payment and confirm the operation from the final summary screen.

💡 If you choose to pay by scanning the QR code, for your first payment via mobile app, you will be asked to allow access to your smartphone's camera.

Can I keep track of payments made previously?

Yes, in the History section, pagoPA payments are marked as pagoPA.

Where can I find the payment receipt?

Once the operation has been completed, the payment receipt will be automatically attached to your transaction and can be viewed in the History section.

I can't pay by scanning the QR code, what should I do?

If the application is unable to detect the QR code, an error message will appear. We suggest following these instructions:

  • Make sure your smartphone's camera is not darkened or covered

  • Make sure you have authorised the Qonto app to access the camera (you can manage app permissions by going to your smartphone settings)

  • Activate the flash or go to a well-lit place

  • Place the payment notice on a dark background

Alternatively, remember that you can always pay the pagoPA notice by entering the data manually.

Can I pay the same notice twice?

It is not possible to make the same pagoPA payment twice. If you try to pay a notice that has already been paid, the system will display an error message.

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