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Can I delegate F24 payment to my accountant?
Can I delegate F24 payment to my accountant?
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Yes, thanks to the integration of Qonto with the Italian Revenue Agency, you can delegate F24 payment to your accountant. This service is also known as I24.

How does F24 payment by delegation work?

Your accountant can make payments by proxy on the Revenue Agency's Fisconline and Entratel platforms.

In order to have a successful payment, your accountant must enter:

  • Your Qonto IBAN;

  • The VAT number or the tax code of the account holder;

  • Your F24 data;

  • Tha payment due date.

The deduction from your Qonto account takes place on the due date indicated by your accountant. The transaction will appear on your History the day after.

☝️It is necessary to have sufficient funds in the account to have a successful payment.

Where can I find the payment receipt?

You can find the payment receipt in your Tax Box (cassetto fiscale) on the Fiscal Agency (Agenzia delle Entrate) website. You will have to wait at least 5 days from the payment date.

☝️It is not possible to download the receipt of F24 payments from your Qonto account made by your accountant, but only those processed directly through our platform.

Why was the payment denied?

If the payment did not go through, the main reasons may be:

  • The VAT number or tax code entered on the Revenue Agency platforms do not match those of the Qonto account holder;

  • Your Qonto account does not have sufficient funds. In this case we will notify you by email.

☝️ Personal F24 cannot be paid via your Qonto account

If you want to know more about F24 payment with Qonto, visit the article: What is the F24 form and what types of F24 can I pay with Qonto?

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