How does dark mode work?
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What is Dark mode?

Dark mode is a dark display of your apps and screen. It helps reduce eye strain, improves readability, and conserves battery life on mobile devices.

How do I switch to Dark mode?

From the mobile app:

  • go to Menu > settings symbol “⚙️” > Appearance

  • Select your display mode (Light mode - Dark mode - Automatic)

  • The change will reflect instantly

From the web app:

Go to Settings, in the bottom left corner and click on Personal settings > Appearance.

What is Automatic mode?

The Automatic Mode in your Qonto app adjusts its display based on the time of day, following your device's settings.

By selecting Automatic Mode, your app's display will match your device's settings.

For instance, if your device is in Dark mode, your Qonto app will switch to Dark mode automatically. Similarly, it will switch to Light mode if your device does.

💡 Good to know: On the web app, automatic mode aligns with your device settings. In Firefox and Edge, it adapts to your browser settings.

Who can use dark mode?

Dark mode is available for all users. All you need is a compatible device and operating system:

On mobile:

  • iOS 13 and above.

  • Android 10 and above.

On a browser:

  • For Auto setting: Chrome ≥ 76 Edge ≥ 79 Firefox ≥ 67 Safari ≥ 12.1

  • For Dark/light: All Browsers

💡 How to check your device’s compatibility, by device:

  • iOS: Settings → General → About → Software version

  • Android: Settings → About Phone → Android Version

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