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How is the mileage reimbursement amount calculated?
How is the mileage reimbursement amount calculated?
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How is the mileage reimbursement amount calculated?

This section is part of the Mileage reimbursement feature available only to FR organisations 🇫🇷.

What is the rate per km for my vehicle?

Every year, the French tax administration sets up guidelines for mileage reimbursements based on the vehicle type and distance traveled. At Qonto, we are using the specific scales for each vehicle type to get the rate.

  • Car: ≤5000 km/yr slab

  • Motorcycle: ≤3000 km/yr slab

  • Scooters: ≤3000 km/yr slab

Vehicle type


Rate per km (in euros)


3 cv and less

d × 0.529


4 cv

d × 0.606


5 cv

d × 0.636


6 cv

d × 0.665


7 cv and more

d × 0.697


1-2 cv

d × 0.395


3-5 cv

d × 0.468


5 cv and more

d × 0.606

<50cc two-wheeler

d × 0.315

d= distance traveled

☝️ Note: We don’t do an annual calculation of the distance traveled, so the same rate will be applied for the same vehicle despite the number of kilometers traveled.

How is the total distance calculated?

The requester selects the starting and ending point using Google Maps from the Qonto app. To calculate the distance, we use an integration with Google Maps to get an accurate route.

How is the total amount calculated?

The total amount is obtained by multiplying the total distance travelled in a particular request with the rate per km for the selected vehicle type and fiscal power.

👉 Suppose that the requester drove 50 km in her 6 cv car. The rate/km for a 6 cv car is €0.665 from the above table. Hence, the total amount to be reimbursed will be 0.665 * 50 which is €33.25.

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