How to create a customer quote?
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To help you negotiate with your clients and promote your services and products more easily, you can create customer quotes directly on your Qonto account.

Unlimited quoting is available for:

  • All plans

  • For Owners and Admins

To access quoting, log into your Qonto account from a desktop device and click on Invoicing > Quotes in the navigation bar.

💻 Creating quotes is only available via the web app.

Create a new quote

From the Quotes section, click on Create a Quote at the top right side of your screen.

1. Adding client information

Adding client information to your quote is easy: simply create a new client or select an existing one on your Qonto account.

  • Create a new client
    If you’re creating a quote on Qonto for the first time, click on Add a new client or on the + button.
    - Select if your client is a company or an individual and fill in their details
    - You have the possibility to set the language in which the customer’s quote will be issued (English, French, Spanish, Italian, or German).

    - You can select a different currency to issue the customer’s quote and invoices, if not in Euro.
    - Once you’ve checked the information you have filled in is correct, click Confirm to save your client. Your client will now be saved, and you won’t need to re-enter their details next time.

NB: To comply with rules around invoice language to French clients, we recommend choosing French when creating a client registered in France.

  • Select an existing client
    Click on the client that you wish to quote.

2. Creating the quote

It’s now time to create your quote. Fill in the necessary fields as indicated on the screen:

  • Issue date and Expiry date

  • Quote number

  • Item: You can add different items that correspond to the products and services that you’re quoting your client for. Every item should contain a title, description (optional), quantity, unit price, VAT rate, and discount (optional).

If you wish to add additional information, you may use the field labeled Additional notes. This can be useful if you wish to add information such as payment conditions, sector-specific laws, any deposit requirements, or additional details about the product or service you are quoting for. The additional notes will be reusable for all your subsequent quotes so that you don’t need to fill in the information each time you create a new document.

3. Customising your quotes

You can customise your quotes by adding your logo (if you have one), choosing an issuer email address, and numbering settings for your documents.

You can click on the Settings button at the top of the screen to customize all these aspects.

From here, you can:

  • add your logo in JPEG or PNG (file size shouldn’t exceed 5MB maximum)

  • add the email address that you would like to display in your quote.

  • select the numbering method for your quotes. See this article for more details on how to manage your document numbering.

☝️ Important: Please note that these changes will apply to all future documents, and can be modified again at any time from the Settings page.

No changes will apply to documents that have already been issued.

Sharing your quote

You can share your quotes via email. Select the quote you wish to share, click on Send quote and fill in your recipient’s email address. You can add multiple addresses (separated by a comma) and set a custom subject line and message.

To facilitate tracking, you can add yourself in copy of the email by ticking the checkbox at the bottom of the page. When you’re done, click on Send.

👉Do you want to edit a quote? Or mark a quote as approved or canceled? You can refer to this article.

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