What's a mandate and how to get it?
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What’s a SEPA mandate?

A mandate is a document that you fill in to authorize the merchant to send instructions to debit your account.

Several information have to be mentioned in this document :

  • The title “SEPA Direct Debit Mandate”.

  • The SCI (SEPA Creditor Identifier): it’s a number given to any merchant that is making SEPA direct debits.

  • Merchant information: address, legal name or commercial name if different.

  • The UMR (Unique Mandate Reference): it’s a code that identifies SEPA direct debits.

💡 A merchant has one SCI but multiple UMR.

For example: You pay your Internet and mobile subscriptions to one provider. The provider has one SCI but it will debit your account with two different UMR, one linked to your mobile contract and the other to your internet contract.

  • The legal mentions.

How to get your mandate?

B2B mandate

You can download the B2B mandate from your professional account on the public authority website.

For example, if you need to download a DGFiP mandate, you can log into your account here.

The pre-filled B2B mandate is available under the section Manage my bank accounts

Core mandate

They usually send it to you while you're subscribing. You just need to sign the form. You don’t need to upload the core mandate on your Qonto account.

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