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What happens to payments on my old Penta account ?
What happens to payments on my old Penta account ?
Updated over a week ago

All Penta business accounts, provided by Solaris SE, have been duly terminated.

Incoming transactions on your Penta account will therefore be rejected after the termination date and returned to the sender.

All existing standing orders and scheduled transactions have been cancelled.

Outgoing payments via the Penta app are also no longer possible.

How can I transfer an existing remaining credit balance?

To pay out any remaining balance from your closed Penta account, please click here and complete the Solaris SE payment form online.

Please use the email and telephone number stored in your former Penta account when doing so.

I have further questions about payments or seizures

If you have any further questions around payments, for example about charge backs, seizures or card payments, or if you have problems with your payment, please use the Solaris SE contact form.

👉Click here to contact the Solaris SE service.

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