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I have a legal or data protection query about my old Penta account, whom can I contact?
I have a legal or data protection query about my old Penta account, whom can I contact?
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Questions about data protection at Penta

As a former customer of Penta and thus as a data subject from a data protection perspective, you have the opportunity to exercise your rights as a data subject under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

To do so, simply send an informal email to [email protected] with a brief description of your concern or request.

Please note that Penta has legally terminated all customer contracts and closed the corresponding accounts.

Since Penta no longer maintains any active customer relationships, your personal data - which is not subject to any legal retention obligations - has been deleted. With the exception of data that must be archived, there is no longer any active processing of personal data at Penta. Remaining data is retained unchanged in archives exclusively for storage purposes until its planned deletion.

A request for deletion would not lead to any further deletion, as data that can be deleted has already been deleted and remaining data is automatically deleted after the legal deadline has expired.

This also applies to your data that falls under the joint area of responsibility with our partner Solaris SE.

Legal enquiries to Solaris SE

Penta is terminating its partnership with Solaris SE until the end of the year.

Therefore, for privacy enquiries, to report fraud, or to file a complaint with Solaris SE, please click here and use Solaris SE's contact options.

👉For more information on data protection and the Solaris SE data protection officer, please click here.

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