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How do I confirm my device with email?
How do I confirm my device with email?
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At Qonto, guaranteeing the security of your accounts is our priority. We use device confirmation, a security feature that requires devices (mobile and computer) to be authorized before accessing your account. This process should only need to be completed once for each device.

This is in complement of strong authentication (SCA - Strong Customer Authentication) required on your account.

How to confirm the new device?

To confirm your device after the log-in to the Qonto app, here are the conditions:

  • Ensure the log-in is triggered by you and not anybody else trying to access your account. Qonto would never ask you to approve the log-in request.

  • Accessing the email only from the device trying to log-in

  • The link in the email will expire after 15 minutes

If you do not recognize the device mentioned in the email, please contact our support immediately.

Do not forward this email or share the link button with anyone, including people pretending to be Qonto. This is strictly confidential.

I have received a notification but I cannot find the email

In that case, please follow the steps below 👇

  • Check your Spam or Trash folders

  • Ensure emails from Qonto are not flagged as spams by verifying them

  • Check the Social or Promotional tabs on Gmail if this is the web mail interface you use

I have received an email but the link doesn’t work

If this doesn’t work, this could be because of :

  • An expired link: Initiate a new log-in attempt to restart the process

  • A wrong device link: open the link on the same device, where you initially requested to log-in (link would not work on the paired device). If you are using a computer at the time, please open the link on the same browser as you attempted to log-in, avoid using private browsing modes.

  • A redirection : If you still are redirected to the wrong device or expired links, contact the support via chat.

I have received an email but the button doesn’t work

Please try opening the email on a different email app or directly from the email provider, if this does not work, please contact us.

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