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How to invite team members directly from HR platforms?
How to invite team members directly from HR platforms?
Updated over a week ago

This feature is only available for Business and Enterprise plans.

You can invite your team members directly from the HR platform you use such as PayFit, Silae or Lucca for example.

By leveraging this integration, this simplifies the onboarding process by automatically syncing employees' data and user details.

This helps to reduce manual data entry, ensuring accuracy and significantly reducing the time and effort spent on these administrative tasks.

How to set up the integration between your HR platform and your Qonto account?

Owner and Admin roles can set up the integration, only through the Qonto web app. This is not available on mobile devices.

  • Log into your Qonto account

  • Go to Settings at the bottom left corner of your screen, then click on User Management and User Access.

  • Press the 🔌 button on the top right corner called activate integrations and tools.

💡 Click on Recommend an integration at the bottom of the window if your tool is not listed and please fill in the Typeform.

  • Select the HR platform you use amongst the suggested list and click on Connect.
    ⚠️ By selecting Connect, you confirm that you have informed your employees on the sharing of their data with providers.

  • Each tool has a different way to connect onto your Qonto account

  • Follow the steps indicated on your interface

  • Find out more about the different possible ways to connect with our aggregator Kombo here

How to attribute a role once my list is updated?

You can go back to the User Management section, your list of members will then be updated. Click on each profile to select the role to attribute on your Qonto account.

  • Click on a name amongst the list

  • Press Invite this employee

  • Choose a role for this member

  • Send invitation

If you go to the User Access section in the active view, you can resend or cancel an invitation.

⚠️ The integration does not allow you to make bulk invitations. You will have to manually select each employee for their information to be synced to your Qonto account. However, you will not have to enter manually all these information.

Which HR platforms are compatible with Qonto?

Qonto supports integration with more than 40 HR platforms. Please find the most popular ones per country and the whole list directly on your Qonto account.

  • Most popular solutions in 🇫🇷

    1. Payfit

    2. Lucca

    3. Factorial

    4. Sage

    5. Personio

  • Most popular solutions in 🇩🇪

    1. HiBob

    2. Personio

    3. Sage

    4. Kenjo

    5. Haufe HR Services

    6. HeavenHR

    7. TimeTac

    8. Clockin

  • Most popular solutions in 🇮🇹

    1. Team System

    2. Sistemi

    3. Zucchetti

    4. Buffetti

    5. Workday

    6. Cezanne

    7. Factorial

    8. Jet HR

  • Most popular solutions in 🇪🇸

    1. Holded

    2. Factorial

    3. Payfit

    4. Sesame

    5. Personio

    6. Woffu

    7. Skello

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