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What is a commercial dispute and how long does it take to context with it
What is a commercial dispute and how long does it take to context with it
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A commercial dispute arises when a cardholder encounters issues with a transaction involving goods or services. This can occur under several circumstances, such as when a cardholder has saved their card information on a merchant's website or directly initiated a payment, and subsequently:

  • The merchant fails to fulfill their obligations, such as not delivering the ordered items.

  • The cardholder pays for a good or service that the merchant does not provide as agreed.

  • The product received by the cardholder differs significantly from the description or images provided on the merchant's website.

In essence, a commercial dispute is a disagreement between the cardholder and the merchant regarding the execution of a transaction, the delivery of goods, or the provision of services, leading the cardholder to seek a resolution, often in the form of a refund or replacement.

How do I start the dispute process for a transaction?

  1. Locate and select the transaction you wish to dispute in your account overview and click on "Need help".

  2. Choose the option "I had an issue with the payment, product, or service".

  3. Before continue, you need to make sure you contacted the merchant. If the merchant does not solve the issue within 7 days, please continue the dispute.

  4. Click on "Dispute this transaction" to initiate the dispute process.

Can I dispute multiple transactions from the same merchant?

Yes, if you're disputing more than one transaction from the same merchant, you can select them during the dispute process to include all relevant transactions in your claim.

What evidence do I need to provide for my dispute?

You'll need to upload:

  • Proof of conversation with the merchant, demonstrating that you've attempted to resolve the issue directly. If they do not reply within one week show us a proof of that (screenshot, photo)

  • Any additional documents that support your claim, such as receipts, order confirmations, or descriptions of discrepancies between the product ordered and the product received.

How do I describe the issue in my dispute?

Provide a clear and detailed description of what happened. Include any relevant details about the transaction, the issue with the payment, product, or service, and any communication you've had with the merchant regarding the dispute.

What happens after I submit the dispute?

Once you submit the dispute, our team will review your claim. If the dispute is approved, you can expect to see a temporary refund in your account within 2 weeks.

What if the merchant disputes my refund?

After the temporary refund is issued, the merchant has up to 45 days to contest the refund by initiating a chargeback. If this happens, you may see the refunded amount debited from your account again. We will notify you and may request additional information to support your claim during this period.

How will I know the outcome of my dispute?

You will be notified of the outcome of your dispute through your account notifications. Keep an eye on your account messages for updates on the status of your dispute and any actions you may need to take.

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