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What are the rules for the transfer of your cash contributions ?
What are the rules for the transfer of your cash contributions ?

Our tips for depositing your share capital quickly.

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Note: this article only applies to French company creation. 🇫🇷

📌 Before you sign up, check out our eligibility requirements for the capital deposit.

ℹ️ Each associate receives his deposit IBAN by email. A deposit account, temporary and nominative, is assigned to each associate.
The associate in charge of the register can also retrieve the IBANs and track the progress of the payments on the Qonto interface.

Below you will find our conditions:

  • The payment of contributions is only possible by bank transfer.

  • SEPA, Instant SEPA and SWIFT transfers are accepted. ✅ However, there is a list of countries from which SWIFT transfers are not accepted. 🔍

  • A natural person associate (individual) must pay his contribution from his personal account, except for minors.

  • An associate who is a legal entity (company) must pay his contribution from his business account.

  • It is not possible for an associate (individual or legal entity) to have the payment of his contribution made by another person or company. ⚠️

  • The payment of an associate's contribution can be made in several transfers and from his different accounts.

  • Transfers from a Lydia, Paypal, Xoom, Western Union or other electronic payment service are not accepted

  • Virement Spécifique Orienté Trésorerie (VSOT) are automatically rejected. ❌

Good to know 💡

  • Prefer the Instant SEPA Transfer ⚡️ The transmission of classic transfers by banks is not ensured on weekends and holidays. In addition, the reception time of a SEPA transfer is 1 to 2 working days and that of a SWIFT transfer is 5 working days. Only the SEPA Instant network operates 24/7/365 and ensures receipt within minutes! 💜

  • Don't mix up immediate transfers with instant transfers! Immediate means "as soon as possible" as opposed to delayed transfers. Instant means "sent via the SEPA Instant network", if the recipient's bank is compatible. Some banks charge a fee for this.

  • If you make your transfer :

    • From a joint account, you will probably be asked for the RIB of the account showing the full name of the partner. You can send it in advance on [email protected]

    • From a PEA / PEA-PME account, you will be asked to provide proof of the subscription request to your bank. You can send them in advance to [email protected]

    • On the deposit account of another partner, Qonto will be able to rectify the situation without asking you for a new payment.

    • If the amount transferred is higher than expected, the excess will be returned to the issuing account.

    • On a closed deposit account, the transfer will be automatically rejected and returned to the sender within 5 business days.

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