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💡 If you are looking to add money to your account for the first time, you can choose to top it up by using a different bank card of yours or via Google Pay. It's easy and instant, more on it here.

You can top-up your Qonto account by wiring money to it through a simple bank transfer, of the amount of your choice.

From an account in the SEPA zone

In this case, the procedure is standard and quite easy to achieve.

In order to transfer money to your account, simply initiate a bank transfer to your Qonto account using its IBAN (International Bank Account Number) and BIC (Bank Identifier Code) numbers.

Both numbers are included in the 'Welcome email' you received when opening your Qonto account. However, it is also accessible online in the Details & Statements tab of your account, on your web or mobile app.

Your account can receive both standard and instant SEPA transfers.

From an account outside the SEPA zone

From an account outside the Eurozone, it's just as simple. Qonto allows you to receive transfers from most countries in the world, in most currencies, via the SWIFT network (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication).

All you have to do is initiate a bank transfer to your Qonto account using your IBAN and BIC numbers, you will find this information in the same place as for a SEPA transfer.

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