Why carry out a share capital increase?

A capital increase creates new shares, which will then be purchased by a new or existing shareholder. This is particularly the case when raising equity.

Although there are many different ways to raise capital, Qonto accepts only cash injections from corporate entities or private individuals.

Who can increase share capital with Qonto?

You can benefit from this service even if you didn’t deposit your initial capital through Qonto when founding your company.

This option is thus available to all Qonto users, whatever the company’s structure.

How to increase share capital from your Qonto account

1) Gather the necessary documents

The following documents may be required throughout the capital increase process.

  • the bylaws submitted to the commercial court register upon the creation of your company
  • a Kbis extract (business registration certificate), dated within the last three months, to verify that your company hasn’t gone into liquidation
  • a copy of a proof of identity of the new shareholders (if applicable) or a copy of the Kbis for the corporate entities (also dated within the last three months)

Also, prepare the total amount of the contribution, including share premiums.

2) Complete the capital increase form

From a computer, log in to your Qonto account.

Click on the name of your company, at the upper left of your screen. From the drop-down menu, click on Capital increase. You will be redirected to an online form.

Our team will contact you within 24 hours of receiving the completed form. The goal is to answer your questions and to help you prepare the dossier to be sent to the notary.

3) Sign the issuance letter

Our team will send you the engagement letter as soon as your completed capital increase dossier is received.

You must date and sign the letter by hand, then e-mail it back to us. We will then be able to forward your dossier to the notary in order to proceed with the capital increase.

4) Transfer the funds to the notary

Once the notary has validated the dossier (which is typically just a formality), each partner will receive the account details for the deposit account to which the capital increase is being transferred.

📌 Each partner (or new partner) must send the transfer from an account in his or her name. If it is a corporate entity, the account must be in the company’s name.

After receiving the funds, our partner notary transfers the amount to the Caisse des Dépôts.

5) Receive your deposit certificate

With your capital increase now deposited, the notary sends your deposit certificate to our team. It is sent to you immediately so that you may continue the process with the register, with the support of your legal counsel.

📌 You can also complete the update online and save time!

No need to wait for a new Kbis to free up capital (which can take up to 6 months).

Simply provide us with the minutes of the General Meeting verifying the increase. Your capital will be transferred from the deposit account to your Qonto account within the same day.

The capital increase fees will then be withdrawn from your account.

A fee of up to €150 (excluding taxes) is charged for a capital increase of less than €1,000,000.

For increases exceeding this amount, you can chat with us by logging in your Qonto interface!

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