How do I perform a capital increase at Qonto ?

As Qonto is a new financial player, we are currently not authorized by the financial authority to deliver a capital deposit certificate.

💡 The funds needed for your capital increase will therefore have to be transferred directly to the escrow account of our notary partner (whose IBAN will be shared with you)

⚠️ If you send the funds to your current Qonto account, the transaction will be automatically returned to you, after checking the received funds with you.

What are the requirements for a capital increase with Qonto ?

We will be able to assist you with your capital increase project on the following conditions:

  • Have a Qonto account and opt for an increase by cash contribution* with full release of the shares.

  • The total amount of the capital increase must not exceed EUR 1.2 million.

  • The maximum number of partners participating in the operation is 15.

  • Each transfer must come from a personal account in a country of the European Union excluding Luxembourg for natural persons, or from a professional account in a country of the European Union excluding Luxembourg for legal entities.

⚠️ These conditions are mandatory to the success of your project with Qonto, so please ensure that each of them is respected, or your transfer will be rejected.

*Capital increases by incorporation of reserves, by the conversion of debt or by contribution in kind are not taken into account.

Is your Qonto account created ? Is your capital increase project ready to go ? Then, let's get started!

What are the different steps to obtain my deposit certificate ?

1) Fill in the capital increase form

Click on the following link to be redirected to our online form to fill in your request.

As soon as we receive your request, you will be accompanied by a dedicated counselor who will guide you through the process 😊

2) Gather the necessary documents

The following documents will be required to complete your application :

  • The company's bylaws, those filed with the court clerk's office when your company was created - make sure they are signed.

  • A Kbis extract of the company dated less than 3 months (to check that your company is not in liquidation).

  • The list of partners to your capital increase (with surname and first name or company name + the amount of the subscription of each).

For physical person partners:

  • Copy of the identity document of the subscribers participating in the capital increase operation,

For legal entities partners :

  • A copy of the KBIS, dated less than 3 months.

3) Transfer the funds to the notary

Once your application has been validated, you will receive the IBAN of the account, to which each partner (new or existing) will have to transfer the amount of their subscription from a personal account or an account in the name of the company for a legal entity.

💡 Please proceed the wire transfer as soon as possible and inform us of any change in the amount of the subscription initially announced.

4) Get your deposit certificate

Once all the funds have been received, the deposit certificate can be issued. It will be forwarded to you so that you can take further steps with your legal advisor at the legal court :

  • In PDF, within 48 hours business days , directly by e-mail

  • In original, within 5 working days, to the registered address of the company

5) Send us your general assembly report and receive your funds on your current Qonto account

💡 Good news, no need to wait for the issue of a new Kbis to proceed with the release of the capital !

Simply send us your general assembly report mentioning the final completion of the capital increase.

Upon receipt, your capital will be returned to your Qonto account within 48 working hours from our Notary.

How much does this service cost ?

The capital increase fees are charged at EUR 150 exclusive of taxes and will be deducted directly from your Qonto account upon return of the funds.

☝️ The fees include personalized support for your project and the issue of your deposit certificate by the notary.

⚠️ This service does not include the modification of the bylaws or the clerical formalities at the Legal court, for more information you can consult the following article :

See you soon 🚀

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