How to cancel a transfer request ?
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For Business and Enterprise plan users, our Requests feature allows team members to initiate transfer requests on behalf of an Admin or Manager, who is notified and can approve or reject a demand in just a few clicks.

If you want to cancel a scheduled transfer, go to the Transfers section of your Qonto app in the Business Account menu, click on the transfer to cancel, and then on Edit transfer. You will delete it by clicking on Delete transfer (at the bottom left of the page).

When you want to cancel a transfer that is not planned and the request is still pending, you can quickly cancel it from the History section. Simply click on Cancel this transfer in the transaction details.

Who can cancel a validated transfer request?

Only the Admin of an organisation or the Manager of your team has the possibility to cancel a transfer.

Have you made a transfer request which has been validated by your account Admin or Manager? If you want to request the cancellation of this transfer, contact your Admin or Manager, as soon as possible.

I can't cancel a transfer request, why?

In the cases listed below, transfers cannot be canceled from your app:

  • From Qonto to Qonto

Have you made a transfer to another Qonto account? This is an intra-bank transfer. They are free, unlimited and instantaneous. In fact, you do not have the possibility to cancel them from the interface.

In case of error, we advise you to contact the beneficiary to request a refund or to contact us directly.

  • The funds are already gone

You have made a transfer to a bank other than Qonto and the Cancel transfer button is no longer available on your interface?

You cannot cancel interbank transfers that are already in progress or those whose funds have already been transferred to the beneficiary's account.

In case of error, we advise you to contact the beneficiary directly to request a refund.

  • SWIFT transfers

You can't cancel a SWIFT transfer. In case of problems, we advise you to contact the beneficiary to request a refund.

☝️ Good to know: Take a look at the different transfer status by clicking here. It can provide complementary information that could be useful in some cases.

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