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Why does my transaction appear to be higher than its actual amount?
Why does my transaction appear to be higher than its actual amount?
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If your transaction appears to be higher, it means that the merchant has made a pre-authorization hold during your payment.

What is a pre-authorization hold?

In order to ensure that the payment will be properly honored, (that is, to verify that the balance has the necessary funds), the merchant makes a pre-authorization hold of a greater amount than the final amount of your purchase.

This pre-authorization hold appears as a “pending” transaction on your account before being replaced by a transaction of the actual amount of your purchase.

In which cases does the merchant make a pre-authorization hold?

When refueling at automatic fuel dispensers ⛽️

The automated fuel dispensers charge a debit on your account in an amount typically between €90 and €150 before allowing you to refuel.

This pre-authorization hold is then regularized by the actual price of your transaction just after your refuel. It may happen that the distributor or merchant doesn't regularize the transaction. In this case, your account will be regularized within 1 to 9 days when the merchant will send us the confirmation of the operation.

When renting a vehicle or equipment 🚗

When you rent a car or equipment, the merchant makes a bank impression in the form of a pre-authorization hold.

If the amount is less than €1,000, it will be released within a maximum period of 9 days.

If the amount is more than €1,000, it will be released within 31 days.

You can have more info about this here

When staying in a hotel 🏨

When you stay in a hotel, the hotel makes a larger pre-authorization hold to ensure that your balance covers the total amount of your stay.

This pre-authorization hold can remain in your account before being regularized by the debit of the actual amount of your stay.

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