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Payment declined but displayed "processing" on my account
Payment declined but displayed "processing" on my account
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Your card transaction has been declined by the merchant however the transaction is displayed under "processing" on your account. Rest assured, this operation will not be debited!

Usually, when you make a payment, the transaction is displayed in real time on your account.

The payment authorization is sent to the merchant to validate the transaction.

Sometimes, your payment is authorized by Qonto but the merchant does not receive confirmation due to interbank connexion issues.

The payment is then refused on the merchant’s terminal. If Qonto does not receive the information regarding the rectifying transaction, the transaction remains under "processing" on your account.

As per Mastercard rules, the displayed transaction will disappear from your account within maximum 9 days. Your balance will then be updated.

This is isolated incident and you can renew the concerning operation.

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