How does automatic VAT detection work?
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To facilitate and secure VAT data entry, companies with a Smart, Premium, Essential, Business or Enterprise plan can benefit from our automatic VAT detection.

☝️SPECIAL OFFER: From the 15/05 until the end of the 2024, users on Basic plan will also be able to use this feature.

💡 Automatic VAT detection also works on your receipts sent using our forwarding email address feature!

The automatic VAT detection, how does it work?

  • Scan the transaction receipt with your smartphone after your payment, or attach the corresponding file (JPEG or PDF) from your computer.

  • Our algorithm detects the transaction amount, and the VAT rates applied. Next thing you know, the information will pre-fill within the interface.

  • To avoid errors, all VAT data pre-filled by the algorithm must always be confirmed by the user. Although an error in the automated VAT detection is unlikely to occur, this confirming step allows you to avoid any accounting errors related to a false VAT detection. VAT data won’t be extracted into the CSV or into your accounting tools connected by API if users haven’t confirmed the rate and the amount.

👆 Good to know: If the VAT is missing in one of your transactions, have a look here, we explain to you how to fill in a missing VAT.

Once the VAT is confirmed or entered manually, users can modify it anytime in case of error and select the right VAT rates corresponding to the transaction.

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