The 3D Secure system is an additional fraud prevention scheme for online purchases. As part of our partnership with MasterCard, you can use your Qonto debit cards for your online payments on most of the websites supporting 3D Secure.

How does it work?

For each online transaction, you must confirm that you're the cardholder who just initiated the online card payment thanks to a double authentication. This layer of security is meant to ensure that a merchant only accepts card payments from legitimate customers. To confirm your order, you have to enter on the merchant website the verification code you received by SMS. Once you entered your code, your order is confirmed and your account is protected from potential fraud.

What should I do if a website doesn't support 3DS?

If you want to make a payment on a website that doesn't support 3DS, unfortunately, your payment will be rejected. This is due to a new regulation that promotes the use of 3DS by online merchants.

This is the roll-out plan:

  1. From November 2020, payments above €2000 will be rejected.
  2. From January 2021, payments above €1000 will be rejected.
  3. From March 2021, payments above €500 will be rejected.

From April 2021, the threshold will get lower and lower. In the end, this type of transaction will be permanently rejected.

Why this new regulation?

This regulation is known as the Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) and aims to make transactions and banking operations more secure while keeping your data safe.

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