SEPA Direct Debits may be rejected for different reasons

  • If your balance is running low : top up your account

  • If your Qonto account isn’t validated : upload your B2B mandate

  • If the B2B SEPA Direct Debit mandate is incorrect or hasn’t been correctly uploaded on Qonto : correct your B2B mandate

👉 The direct debit remains pending 48 hours to give you time to correct the situation.

How to modify a B2B mandate?

Some tips to avoid rejection fees and unpleasant surprises

  • Keep an eye on your account by downloading Qonto iOS or Android App! By checking your balance daily you can say goodbye to bad surprises.

  • Also, make sure that the creditor information entered is correct and that you have successfully filed the SEPA Direct Debit mandate in your Qonto interface.

  • If your direct debit has been declined, we advise you to contact the beneficiary to find a solution: initiate a transfer / represent a direct debit

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