How do SEPA Direct Debits work?
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The SEPA Direct Debit is a European payment system. It allows companies to settle and receive payments in European currencies from bank accounts domiciled within the 34 states of the SEPA zone and related areas.

There are two types of Direct debits :

  • SEPA Core Direct Debits are the most common. All you need to do is to provide your Qonto bank details to your creditor. Access this information anytime from the Direct debits section of your account. The creditor will be allowed to debit your account– you have nothing else to do!

    ☝️You can dispute a SEPA Core Direct debit if the amount that appeared in your account history seems to be wrong.

  • SEPA Direct Debits B2B are mainly used by public institutions (DGFIP, URSSAF, SIE ...). To authorise the direct debit of a B2B mandate, you'll have to upload the information on your Qonto account.

How do I keep a mandate active If I have switched from my old bank account to my new Qonto account?

If you have switched bank account and you now hold a new Qonto account, you need to make sure to “move” your mandates. First you have to inform you payees about the new IBAN so they can change their orders, for this you can download and fill in the certificate below with the new details and send it to all your payees in order to allow them to proceed with the data transfer.

For CORE mandates that should be enough, but for B2B your payee needs to deliver a new Mandate version and that’s the one you need to upload in your Qonto app.

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