What to do if I'm not receiving SMS messages?
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In certain situations, it may happen that you don't receive the necessary SMS to validate sensitive operations from your phone.

What alternative do I have to SMS?

☝️ Good to know: If you have not received the SMS, we will send it to you automatically on the mobile app WhatsApp, if it is active on your phone, for the following cases:

You don’t have Whatsapp on your phone yet? We advise you to download it and then retry.

I have successfully installed WhatsApp, but I still don't receive the SMS.

Then, if you still don't receive an SMS, here are some tips on how to deal with the situation:

  • Make sure you have an adequate telephone network

  • If you have a dual SIM phone, remove the SIM not associated with the Qonto's account

  • If the roaming* is on, turn the roaming off and try again

  • Check if the hour and the date of the phone is set in automatic mode

  • Re-start the phone again

  • If you are abroad, send an email/message to your phone number operator and verify that the SMS are on and without the limits

*Roaming allows you to make phone calls or access the internet from abroad using a different operator than your own.

If you have followed these steps and the problem persists, contact our support by email or from the chat on your Qonto interface.

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