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What to do when an Administrative Seizure by Third Parties (SATD) occurs on my account?
What to do when an Administrative Seizure by Third Parties (SATD) occurs on my account?
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The Administrative Seizure by Third Parties (SATD), formerly known as Third Party Notice (ATD), is an administrative procedure for the enforcement of public law that allows for the recovery of amounts owed to the Treasury. This action is the Treasury's last resort after multiple reminders.

What does Qonto do when an Administrative Seizure by Third Parties is received?

In accordance with Article L262-3 of the Code of Civil Enforcement Procedure, the third party must immediately declare by all means the extent of its obligations to the debtor under the conditions provided for in Article L. 211-3 of the Code of Civil Enforcement Procedures.

Qonto is therefore obliged to deduct the requested amount without being able to challenge this request from the tax authorities (DGFIP, SIE, ...) and under penalty of sanctions.

This amount is isolated in an internal account at Qonto for a period of 30 days, giving you time to give your consent or contest the operation.

💡 Good to know: The isolated amount takes into account your right to a Solde bancaire insaisissable, if you are eligible.

The processing of SATD is considered an irregularity and involves special fees as specified in Appendix 3 of the general terms of use. This is in accordance with Article L262 of the Tax Procedures Code and Decree No. 2018-1118 of December 10, 2018.

The fees for SATD represent 10% of the total amount, with a maximum ceiling of €100 including tax per seizure.

What to do to release this amount?

You have several options:

✅ Do you consent to this seizure?

  • You can inform us through the chat. We will then proceed to transfer the funds to the tax authorities as soon as possible.

❌ Do you contest this seizure?

  • We invite you to contact the requesting administration service as soon as possible. If an agreement is reached between you and the treasury, it is the latter that will have to come back to us with a release act. We can then partially or totally refund the isolated amount based on your agreement with the tax authorities.

After 30 days and without a response from you or the Treasury, the previously isolated funds will be transferred to the tax authorities.

💡 Good to know: This is a one-time action. There will be no further seizure on your account unless we receive a new document. You can therefore replenish your Qonto account now if you wish!

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