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What to do when an Attribution Seizure (SA) is received on your account?
What to do when an Attribution Seizure (SA) is received on your account?
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An attribution seizure (SA) is a legal document received through a bailiff following a judgment when a creditor claims you owe them money.

What does Qonto do when an attribution seizure is received?

As soon as Qonto receives such a document from a bailiff, we are legally required to seize the requested amount from your Qonto accounts. This amount is isolated in an internal account at Qonto for a period of 30 days, giving you time to give your consent or contest the operation.

The bailiff then has 8 days from the delivery of the document to inform you of the seizure.

💡 The isolated amount takes into account your right to Solde bancaire insaisisable if you are eligible.

The fees for attribution seizures are fixed and amount to €100.

How to release this amount?

You have several options:

✅ Do you consent to this seizure?

  • You can give your consent directly to the bailiff so that they can inform us and we can transfer the funds.

❌ Do you contest this seizure?

  • You can file an appeal with the competent court and inform the bailiff.

  • You can also contest the seizure with the bailiff to find another resolution method.

  • If your challenge is successful, the bailiff must provide us with a partial or total release to unblock the funds.

If you have not contacted the bailiff within this 30-day period, they may then send us a new document called a "non-contestation" so that the isolated amount is transferred to them.

👆Good to know: This is a one-time action. There will be no further seizure on your account unless we receive a new document. You can therefore replenish your Qonto account now if you wish!

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