In order to carry out the capital deposit, you need to meet the following conditions:

  • The account holder must live in France

  • The activity of your future company must not be one of the forbidden activities listed here

Natural person shareholders must be:

  • Adults

  • Non-emancipated minors if one of the parents is a shareholder of the company. Both parents must sign a certificate authorizing the minor to create a company (or the sole legal guardian + court decision giving parental authority to one parent).

  • Emancipated minors (a letter of emancipation signed by the judge will be requested).

  • Of French 🇫🇷, European 🇪🇺 or EFTA state (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland) nationality, and possess a valid ID.

Corporate entity shareholders must be:

  • A French company/companies

  • Registered with a SIRET number

There are currently multiple possible combinations for shareholders:

  • A single corporate entity subscriber participates: compulsorily represented by a legal representative of French or EU nationality

  • Multiple French corporate entity subscribers: legal representatives of French or EU nationality

  • Combination of natural person and French corporate entity subscribers (with legal representatives of French or EU nationality)

💡 Keep in mind: the transfer time for funds for a corporate entity that is already a Qonto customer is quicker than a standard transfer. Transfers between Qonto accounts are received on date of issue.

⚠️ Natural persons and corporate entities are subject to the same rules concerning activities accepted by Qonto.

Take a look at our list to check this doesn’t affect you.

Is your activity on the list? Unfortunately, Qonto won’t be able to accompany you with your capital deposit project.

Want to carry out a capital deposit with Qonto? Click here!

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