At Qonto, we consider checks to be an exceptional solution. The limit is set at €15,000/check.If one of your customers makes a payment of more than €15,000, we strongly recommend you to switch to instant transfers, which are both faster and more secure! Learn more about transfers.If you can’t get a transfer, you can contact customer service via chat by choosing "Talk to a human 👤"

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Send us the picture of the cheque on both sides. The check must be signed on the back.

  • Send us proof of payment (invoice, bill of sale or assignment, contract, etc.).

Then, our team will carry out audits of it, including a request for a fate opinion from the issuing bank.

🚨 Qonto reserves the right to refuse to cash a check without justification.

  • If the check is cashable, you can send it to us by post to the address communicated by the customer service.

☝️On the date your check is accepted, it will be credited to your account within about 15 working days.

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